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The Charlotte Observer - January 29 2001:

Sunbelt recently sold some businesses with annual gross
sales of about $10,000,000. One was Southern Architectural Woodwork in Columbia, SC. They are the largest manufacturer of their kind between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. and were acquired by a strategic buyer from the northeast.


The Charlotte Observer July 16, 2000:



The Charlotte Observer April 26, 1999:
Sunbelt Specializes in Matching Buyer and Seller

Sunbelt recently completed several transactions. One was a machine shop in the Triad area, with sales in the $5 -$10 million range. The seller needed a larger company that could handle their explosive growth. Talks between the Triad business and European based company, whose sales exceed $100 million, were facilitated by Sunbelt Business Brokers Charlotte. Another recent transaction included the sale of a large multi-location pool and spa company.


The Charlotte Observer January 12, 1998:
Sunbelt Business Brokers Finds Industry Buyer

Paul Kelly owned Piedmont Heat Treating Corporation 25 years and entrusted Sunbelt Business Brokers to sell his business. Sunbelt sold the business to Indiana based Alfe Corporate Group, an industry leader. Both buyer and seller could not be more pleased with the results. Kelly commented "We found the Sunbelt Brokers to be very professional." Kurt Westman, Alfe President agreed "Sunbelt was very professional and attentive to my needs."

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